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Archive for July 2019

Avoiding Consumer Debt During Grad School

1/3 of Americans over age 25 have a college degree or higher according to the 2017 US Census report, bringing these numbers to the highest education levels in the US since 1940. Given today’s professional world, it’s no wonder that so many people are pursuing higher education and advanced degrees. Education is one of the…

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5 Financial Rules for Residency

When you’re a new physician going through residency, you may start to feel a little bit worried about your finances. Up until now, you’ve been scraping by in medical school, and it’s possible that a large portion of your monthly expenses were covered by loans, grants, or scholarships.  Now that you’re in residency, you have…

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5 Financial Steps To Take as a New Grad

If you’re getting ready to graduate in the next year (or less), you’ve got a lot on your plate. Finding a job in your field, deciding where to live, and starting to create a new lifestyle and routine beyond your educational career can be a lot to think about. Your finances may be the last…

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How To Look At Legacy In A New Way

The word legacy has been used in many different ways. But something struck me about this idea, based on the original translation of the word:  A legacy is a person—living on in new ways throughout time.  Here at Deerfield, we serve clients who seek to find, create, and maintain meaning in not only their own…

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