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The Psychology of Debt Repayment

I want you to have the most success possible as you get started paying down your debt, so let’s dive in and take a look at how people tend to approach debt – and how that fits into your financial plan.

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Debt Avalanche or Snowball

Debt Snowball or Avalanche: Which is Right For You?

If you’re staring down a mountain of student loan debt, you’ve likely heard of two different repayment strategies: The debt “snowball.” The debt “avalanche.” The debt snowball repayment strategy means that you start by repaying your smallest debt first. This could be a low-balance credit card, your smallest student loan – basically, whatever debt you…

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Avoiding Budget-Busters in the New Year

With every new year, I see a huge number of people committing to live a better financial life. If that sounds like you – there’s one clear place to start: with a budget. There are thousands of different ways to budget effectively, and the truth is that they all work to some extent. Different budgeting…

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Contribute Now, Save Later: Taxes and Your 401(k)

Most people are aware that their 401(k) is an excellent tool for retirement savings. In fact, Americans with access to a 401(k) plan are making contributions across the board – 52% of millennials, 75% of Gen X, and 80% of baby boomers contribute regularly. The majority of people who contribute on a regular basis are…

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Are You Saving Money During Benefits Enrollment?

People often view open enrollment season at their office as a time where they need to check a box that basically ensures that they continue to get the coverage they’ve always had. People are creatures of habit, and the idea of reviewing your coverage and making changes can be both overwhelming and unsettling. Not to…

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A Look Back at 2017

A Look Back at 2017; What to Look Forward to in 2018   I enjoy the end of the year, spending time looking back fondly at all the places I have been, people I have spent time with and ways we have all moved forward together, both personally and professionally. For many people, 2017 was…

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