Wealth Building

How do you feel about your finances?

Are you a young professional focusing on building your career and starting a family but are struggling to find the time to get a good handle on your financial life? Do you find yourself unsure about the proper student loan repayment plan or tax strategy? Do you lack confidence in the way that you have taken steps to protect your family in case the worst happens?


We guide early-career attorneys, physicians, dentists and entrepreneurs through the complexities of their ever-changing lives, helping align their hopes, goals and dreams with their financial decisions.

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For many young professionals, cashflow and debt management decisions are a high priority. We advise Student loan repayment plans, budgeting, and the decisions between saving for the long-run versus paying down debt.

We work with both owners and employees, each with complex tax planning opportunities. Some include maximizing deductions, deferring income, and balancing the short-term cashflow impact of tax strategies with future tax savings.

We help our young professional understand and decide on the right Company benefits & Investment vehicles to take advantage of, whether HSAs, insurance, 401k/403b, Roth IRAs, and even more complicated options.

We work with young professionals to protect their families on a wide range of issues, whether Life and Disability insurance, education plans and estate planning documents such as a Will, Trust, or Power of Attorney.


Our Wealth Building Services are designed to be transparent and straight-forward. No Sales. No Commissions. We have a two-tiered schedule, designed to meet you where you are in your financial life.


Tier 1: Starting at $275 per month


Tier 2: Starting at $350 per month;
includes managing investment portfolio


Given the additional set-up in the first year, we charge a one-time upfront fee, starting at $750.

3 Steps to Confidence



Many young professionals are unclear of their current financial situation, let alone where they are trying to get to. We will help you gain clarity on your current situation.



Together we will work to create a plan, helping you have clearly defined steps to realize your goals.



Even with the best plans, if you don't take action and execute, nothing gets better. We will help you take the necessary steps and adjust your plan as your life inevitably changes.