Wealth Management


Investment Management

We believe in investing to achieve your goals rather than “beating” a specific benchmark. We will educate you on our long-term, evidenced based approach to investing, and focusing on the things that we can control. We have found many of our clients feel they are being responsible with their money by investing in this way.

Retirement Planning

One of the biggest moments in life that brings about uncertainty is retirement. We will guide you through planning for retirement, the transition into retirement, and throughout the rest of your life so that you can focus on enjoying the moments for which you worked so hard.


Tax Planning

The tax code is complex and many people are unsure of the right way to approach their taxes. We will help you plan for both the current and future tax years and we will adjust the plan as laws inevitably change, so that you can use your money responsibly to achieve your goals.

Insurance & Estate Planning

We all know that the unexpected happens throughout life. We will work with an attorney and insurance brokers to make sure that the comprehensive plan that you put in place aligns with your goals and plans for the unexpected. We will continue to monitor your situation so that you can rest easy knowing you have provided for you and your family across many difficult situations.


Education Planning

Many of our clients wish to pay for all or part of their children’s or grandchildren’s education expenses. We will work to give you clarity on your options and design the proper roadmap for these expenses.


We work with clients across many different life stages. The majority of our clients have family incomes in excess of $200,000 or investment portfolios of $1 million or more. Our Wealth Management fees are a combination of a base fee and on assets under management (AUM). Our AUM fee percentage begins at 0.75% on the first $2.0 million and decreases as the asset level increases.

As Fee-Only advisors, we do not sell products or receive any commissions. All of our revenue comes from our clients.