Hope Fry, WMS, AAMS

Associate Advisor

(317) 469-2455


Meet Hope, an invaluable contributor to Deerfield’s mission of fostering robust client relationships. With unwavering dedication to meticulous analysis and strategic planning, Hope is committed to guiding clients towards a life designed on their terms, rather than left to chance. This aspiration lies at the heart of Deerfield’s core mission. By seamlessly integrating financial tools, risk management strategies, and growth opportunities, she crafts comprehensive plans that not only shield clients from uncertainties but propel them toward their desired destinations.

Hope’s journey began at the Kelley School of Business, where she earned her degree in Finance with a minor in Economics. Her fascination with the intricacies of financial markets eventually led her to embrace the role of a Financial Advisor. What truly sets Hope apart is her genuine passion for cultivating enduring relationships founded on trust and service.

Prior to joining Deerfield, Hope acquired a diverse background that included three years immersed in the corporate side of the financial industry and two years as a Logistics Analyst. This blend of financial acumen and analytical prowess enables her to deliver tailor-made, well-informed solutions to clients.

In tandem with her commitment to service, Hope has orchestrated and hosted numerous financial education events for communities, employers, and nonprofit organizations. Her vision is rooted in the belief that everyone should have access to fundamental financial literacy. Beyond her professional pursuits, Hope has generously devoted her time as a Guest Services Volunteer at The Ronald McDonald House and actively participated in volunteer work with the United Way of Central Indiana.

In her personal life, Hope has always been an avid traveler, exploring various corners of the globe, from South America and Europe to the Middle East and Canada. These global adventures have not only broadened her horizons but have also instilled in her a profound appreciation for the interconnectivity of our world. Her most cherished recent experiences involve hiking and camping across the United States, accompanied by her husband and their two spoiled canine companions, Jack and Yori.