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Wealth is a measure of financial resources.  For some, it symbolizes status and materiality, and is simply a way to keep score.  For others, it can mean so much more.  It’s about pursuing and promoting their most worthwhile causes. Whether you are focused on securing your family’s financial independence or aspire to meaningfully enrich the lives of others in your community or beyond, we know how to help.  Focusing your wealth on your most worthwhile causes is what we call Wealthwhile planning.

No matter where you are on your journey, we can help.

Discover & Model

Discover your Wealthwhile, comprehensively model your net worth, and create a framework for effective decision making

Proactively Guide

Strategically deploy offensive strategies like cash management, savings plans, and customized investment portfolios and defensive strategies in the areas of income tax planning, insurance, and estate planning


Provide ongoing monitoring and reporting, so you can spend your time and mental energy pursuing your Wealthwhile passions

Wealth Management focused on you

As your life and career become more complex, so does managing your wealth, and you’re sure to face many complicated scenarios along the way. That’s why you want an advisor that understands your specific situation, to reduce complexities and help capitalize on opportunities.

Women face many unique financial challenges often overlooked by the financial industry. Our advisors will guide you through these nuances and create a strategy to help you live your most meaningful life now while also ensuring your long-term financial success.
Being committed to your research and patients leaves little time for your family and friends, let alone to focus on your own financial health. We will help you navigate the financial complexities of your profession so you can live a more purposeful and healthy financial life, now and in the future.
To be successful in the field of law, you’ve mastered the art of leveraging your time, one of your most valuable assets. We’ll leverage it even more by helping you make sure your wealth is intentionally focused on your most worthwhile causes.

Currently trusted by more than 200 families with a range of net worth from under $1 million to over $50 million

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