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Archive for June 2019

5 Things to Do When Receiving an Inheritance

You’ve just received a sizable inheritance. Now what? Whether or not you were expecting to inherit a large sum of money, it can still be a bit of a jarring experience. In fact, many new clients who reach out to me get in touch because they’ve received an inheritance, and aren’t really sure what to…

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Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Before Retirement?

Choose the correct phrase to complete this analogous pair: A mortgage is to retirement as water is to Ice Rain Oil The correct answer is C: a mortgage is to retirement as water is to oil. A mortgage doesn’t mix with retirement just like water doesn’t mix with oil. Did you just have a flashback…

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Navigating Spending in Your Relationship

At Deerfield, we help our clients build comprehensive financial plans. That doesn’t just mean we help you plan for your investments, or create a savings strategy. We focus on more than just the dollars and cents of your plan because your financial life is impacted by so much bigger than just your finances! One way…

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Organizing Your Loan Repayment

Working on organizing your loan repayment strategy can feel overwhelming. Personally, I feel like a lot of pressure is put on young professionals to focus on a financial strategy for their debt repayment. While putting together your repayment plan based on loan balances and interest rates is important, it’s also important to focus on your…

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