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Archive for August 2019

Grandparents, 3 Ways To Support Your Grandkid’s Education

Grandparents play a wonderful role in a family dynamic. When possible, they’re there to support their children and grandchildren and watch their family blossom in front of them. One way that many grandparents like to support their family is through contributing to their grandkid’s education.  Education is an incredible gift, one that stands the test…

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5 Opportunities To Get Involved In Your Community, Indianapolis

So often when we talk about retirement, it extends beyond your finances. While your financial readiness is an important and unique component to your retirement plan, it is not the only one. There is another piece, equally as crucial, your lifestyle.  Here at Deerfield, we work with you because you want more than financial organization…

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The Dangers of Retirement

Did you know that the odds of someone experiencing depression go up about 40% after you retire? It’s counterintuitive – many people believe that they’ll feel nothing but happiness when they retire. After all, you’ve worked for retirement your entire life! Now is the time to live it up, pursue your passion, and leave the…

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