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The (Surprisingly) Positive Impact of Rising Rates on Municipal Bonds

  While interest rates have already increased considerably since the end of August, some investors remain concerned about potential additional increases as the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve become less accommodative. The immediate effect of a rise in interest rates is, of course, a drop in the value of fixed income investments, which has…

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How to React to the Recent Stock Market Volatility

Last year was a remarkable year for stocks.  Gains were relatively large, with the  S&P 500 Index returning 21.8% for the year, but not unprecedented.  The smoothness with which those gains occurred, however, was unprecedented.  The S&P 500 Index saw twelve months of positive returns last year on a total return basis – something it has not…

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Investing Should Be As Exciting As Watching Grass Grow

In my last blogpost, I reflected on one of Warren Buffet’s famous quotes about investing being a simple process but one that is not easy to implement.  I covered how our emotions continually challenge our ability to stay rational, particularly in the fast-paced, sound-bite, and catchy-headline driven world we find ourselves in today.  I’d like…

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